Robert Kiraz VOKLE CEO on DesignChat

This Wednesday, July 21st, we welcome Robert Kiraz, head of VOKLE, entrepreneur and CEO. Join us as we learn about the experiences of “an entrepreneur launching during the worst recession in known history” and his VOKLE video & text chat platform — The one we use on our show!

Kiraz leads a team that “…wants to give everyone a custom video conference,” according to this article on a site called The Next Web Apps. If the platform DesignChat’s been testing out is any indication of things to come, it will be, and already is a great new tool for bloggers, journalists and social media discussion leaders.

The VOKLE team, that includes Robert’s brother Shant (reachable via their active twitter handle @vokle ), have included a few distinguishing features for those who wish to create their own live broadcasts. These include the ability to take questions from the audience via video or text message, as well as the ability to include a support staff of screeners and editors, making for a professional and seamless experience.

The video above is from Kiraz’s VATOR.TV entry.
Where VOKLE was a finalist in their “Vator Splash Competition

It’s speculation on our part, but we think Robert’s education from the University of Southern California focusing on the Cinematic Arts has really helped him and his team craft a system that feels… well… cinematic. We also think this background in cinema helps him easily grasp the video aspect of social media that’s only just begun to blossom.

Kiraz understands that it’s the audience interaction that makes content greater.
“…the Internet is nothing but a giant pastrami sandwich. If content is the deli meat, our voices and opinions are the delicious french bread that blankets it. Communication —word-of-mouth, takes said content to a higher level..” (as stated on his personal tumblr page).

It’s that thought combined with “why doesn’t someone create a proper video communication platform already, so we don’t need to sit here and read pages of punchlines and actually speak to one another?” that really got VOKLE going.

On Wednesday July 21, we hope to talk to him about all this and more. We’ll do our best to explore the work he’s done in the past, his collaboration with creative minds like Illustrator Erick Oh (see this video created for VOKLE called either “communicate” or “hello”) and where Kiraz sees this “…pastrami sandwich…” going in the near and distant future.

So much to hear about Wednesday evening. So please join us at http://designchat.info/chat at 8PM CST.

Learn more about VOKLE and Robert Kiraz here: