Mr. Loukotka joins DesignChat for a thrilling 60 minutes and waxes poetic about the industry and his personal projects. Ryan can barely contain his inner nerd when Rob discusses his Daft Punk helmets and laser cut business cards.

1. Who are You?
My name is Rob Loukotka, and I’m a graphic & web designer in Chicago, IL. I was raised in Ann Arbor, MI, went to school in New York City, and now my professional design life is here in Chicago. Professionally, I design websites and brand identities for awesome clients. Personally, I’m interested in photography, visual effects, motion graphics, and throwing paint on canvas.

2. What is Fringe Focus?
Fringe Focus is my design blog, portfolio, and all around digital playground for the stuff I like to do. It’s an aggregator of everything awesome that I design or discover. But mostly, it’s a blog focused on design techniques, trends, and inspiration.

3. Why is this called ‘Fringe Focus’?
Have you seen my last name? It’s unspellable, and unpronouncable. Sadly, Loukotka ( Loo-kut-kuh ) is simply too complicated of a name for anyone to remember or care about. So I adopted the name Fringe Focus to cover any and all aspects of my design life. Plus, I think I address a wide array of ideas that traditional design sites ignore, so focusing on the ‘fringe’ seems appropriate. Plus it’s alliterated, so… there’s that.

4. What’s some cool stuff you’ve done?
I’ve been published in two books about Photoshop, designed t-shirts for two NBA teams, had one of my logos get sculpted in ice, sold ridiculous abstract paintings to people on eBay, and I used to help a sculptor carve birds out of wood.

5. Anything cooler than that?
YES. Over the course of two Halloween seasons, my best friend and I constructed exact replicas of Daft Punk’s helmets. It involved a couple months of sculpting, sanding, and building our own vaccuum-form machine. Plus, looking like Daft Punk gives me an excuse to wear black leather pants.