Young Evan Roper finds himself at a crossroads. Should he apply for an MFA program, or continue working freelance. It’s a question many are asking themselves right now as they weigh the pros and cons. We had the fortune of getting to hear his thoughts on the matter due to a strong recommendation to speak to him made by Mitch Goldstein.


Since my hands first clutched Duplo and Lego bricks I’ve been obsessed with harnessing imagination to make things. Years later, while experimenting with hair growth, personal hygiene, sleep deprivation, gratuitous pizza consumption, and caffeine addiction, I successfully earned a degree in Graphic Communications from Clemson University. Attracted by the opportunity to “make stuff,” I found myself immersed in the print lab pouring into digital, lithographic, flexographic, and screen printing methods and process; learning how everything from t-shirts to M&M wrappers were printed. My academic experience was supplemented with additional experience through multiple internships in the commercial printing, publishing, graphic design, and marketing industries. While I became rather disenchanted with my major’s emphasis on large-scale print manufacturing and commoditization, the experience stimulated my interest in visual arts and visual communication. Seeing parallels and intersections as an aspiring artist and designer between the aesthetic experience of visual communication, and print production as a medium, I grew increasingly fascinated with the creative process and related disciplines. I hope to further pursue my passion for ‘medium’ and ‘message’ through design and art into the future. I am currently taking art and design classes part time at my local technical college while looking into the possibility of Grad School to earn an MFA in Graphic Design.

Evan Roper on Behance