Another year, another successful Cusp Conference! We only got to speak with a fraction of the presenters, but it was a potent fraction. The show includes chats with John Sable – EVP of Motion Picture Creative Print for Walt Disney Studios, magician Jeannette Andrews, founder of Cube Ventures – Rachel Shechtman, and Veronika Scott – founder of The Empowerment Plan.

What is Cusp? — It’s a conference about the design of everything.

What exactly happens at Cusp? — It’s a question we get asked all the time. Attendees even have difficulty articulating what they experience or learn — the takeaways — from two days of intensely focused broadness. But they’re hooked on whatever it is. Why?

Because what happens at Cusp doesn’t really happen at Cusp. — It happens later, in a brainstorming or ideation session, during an innovation exercise, or in a quiet moment when an idea forms where nothing existed before. What happens at Cusp happens in the minds of the people who take it all in and take it home with them.

Special thanks to Dave Mason, Kevin Krueger, Greg Samata and Joan Julian of smbolic for letting DesignChat be a part of Cusp!