DesignChat is entering week 21 and growing rapidly. The feedback has been fantastic. Although, it has been a challenge to balance the workload, as I’m also committed to a 9-5 plus gig. I want to do more with the show, so that is why I have decided to create a DONATE section for the website. The show will always be free, I’ll never turn this into a subscription or pay-for-play thing. In fact, it will soon be a free downloadable podcast on iTunes. Commercials are a possibility; they would be like the non-intrusive spoken word ones like you might see on a Diggnation or a Totally Rad Show. Until that happens, I can continue creating content for the Design community by surviving off of the donations. So I thank you in advance for your help. As an incentive, if you donate $20 or more, you can post your link to your website.

NEWS: I’m a little backed up with uploading the shows- sorry about that, folks. I’m getting a pro vimeo account soon and my data upload limit will increase. I have yet to post the chats with Daniel Burka, Dyna Moe, Paul Jenkins and Fabio Sasso, but I PROMISE they’re coming soon! Lots of good stuff coming up. I’ll be live broadcasting from the Cusp Conference next week and talking to some of the most interesting people on Earth. And of course, tomorrow is the chat with Carlos Segura.

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