We were lucky enough to catch Erik Spiekermann, German typographer and designer, while he was on a trip to San Francisco. He talks about his role in the digital type revolution with FontShop and shares his opinions on a number of issues facing designers including specialization, perfectionism and procrastination.

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  1. James Gray says:

    Listening to guys like this make me realize I have so much to learn.

  2. […] Not the best audio or video qual­ity, but a Spiek­er­mann inter­view online. 60 min­utes if you can bear it! design­chat […]

  3. David Carlington says:

    There is something very cringworthy about the way you introduce people. You seem to lick what is there hole.

  4. Thanks for the comment. I always love feedback. And if by, “lick their hole,” you mean, “praise the genius they share with us,” then your accuracy has out-shined your eloquence.

  5. Wisdom shared…loved it.

  6. tam says:

    Much appreciated for making this happen.

  7. epikos says:

    Very Helpfull!