Nancy Skolos is a designer and Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design since 1989. Adding to the panel of the Archive11 in Chicago, she joins us to tell stories about how she argued with Saul Bass while judging competition in 1985. And how she took a class at RISD along with younger students 5 years ago, just so she could learn web design.

She used that knowledge to design and program her own site, skolos-wedell.com, whom she shares with her husband. She explains why her website is also an archive of their work dating back to 1980.

Her advice inspires the audience as she suggests to maybe not finish a photograph when you take it, because you won’t want to lay design on top of it. On teaching design – “It’s all about curiosity – the faculty has to be passionate and curious and the students – if you’re all in it together it has an energy of it’s own.”