To celebrate my third year doing Cusp Conference, I’m giving away 2 tickets to this year’s BIG EVENT.

All you have to do is tweet with the three hashtags #DESIGNCHAT #CUSP11 and #WIN.

Its that simple! Tell everyone you know! 2 lucky winners will be selected TONIGHT, September 7th at 845pm CST during the live show. Both winners will be responsible for getting themselves to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on September 28th and 29th. Each individual ticket is worth $1750.
To see some of the past speakers, check out their Youtube channel:

I’ll be there interviewing some of the speakers and attendees, and doing a live broadcast for DesignChat. I can not wait – I look forward to this all year. For more details, go to

What is Cusp?

It’s a conference about the design of everything.

What’s the Cusp experience?

In the words of one attendee, Cusp was “inspirational, funny, thought-provoking, eye-opening, informative, inspirational, fascinating, humbling, soothing, shocking, awesome, inspirational, unbelievable, wise, touching, smart, healthy, honest, confusing, inspirational, affirming, creative and just friggin’ amazing. Did I mention inspirational?”
The Cusp experience is different for every individual, but it’s essentially two full days of mind-expanding, soul-feeding getaway, powered by 26 presenters/special guests and 285 attendees.
Basically we get 300+ smart, energized, creative, inspiring, talented people into a room, get them talking to each other, then wait to see what happens. And usually a lot happens.

What’s the ROI on attending Cusp?

We love this question. What’s the ROI of putting on pants before you go to work? Cusp is about investing in yourself. The return on that investment is up to you.

What kind of people are going to be in the Cusp 2011 audience?

We get asked for demographics for the Cusp audience all the time, but since we don’t ask people who register how old they are or what their income level is we really have no idea.

We do know that the unifying traits of Cusp attendees seem to be:

Curiosity – our attended tend to be pretty broad thinkers
Design savvy – our attendees may not be designers themselves, but they tend to be very clued in to the power of design
Attractiveness – everyone who attends just seems to be incredibly good looking. Go figure.