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Wednesday was one of the stranger days in my life. In the span of 24 hours I experienced an earthquake, was disrupted by a flat tire, and had a hacker try to take over a live video broadcast. I can’t remember another day when so many hurdles appeared in my path. My week’s activities have been shifted to focus on all the events of that day because of the possible ramifications of all of them going badly. Although, I was able to navigate through all of these experiences with minimal repercussions and still feel like I made the best of each situation. Using a few simple rules I made sure my house and family were safe, got my car back on the road, and made the best of a situation soured by a bad apple.


If you’re crossing the street and your favorite shoelace has the audacity to untie itself, would you:
A) Stop walking and then weep over the tragedy
B) Scream bloody murder and curse out that no-good shoelace
C) Continue crossing the road carefully, then tie your shoe and move on
The last thing you should do when something goes wrong is get angry, vengeful or pity yourself. Clouding your mind with those thoughts will force you to make a bad decision and hurt yourself or others around you. You can set yourself back in achieving goals and damage your relationships with others.


There are 6.6 BILLION PEOPLE on this planet. In any situation you’re dealing with, there’s an ample supply of support. All you have to do is ASK. If you choose to be a cowboy and ‘pull up your bootstraps,’ and then you fail, YOU ARE AT FAULT. Think of all the times when you helped someone because you sympathized with their situation. Its just good karma – help others and they will help you in return.
When I got in my car to go do my weekly video broadcast and realized I would never make it in time because of a flat tire, I had to ask for help. There was no way I was going to change the tire by myself and still make it on time. I am lucky to be married to an action-oriented genius. My wife, Ally was on the phone calling for tire prices lickety-split! What this solved for me was how I was going to commute to work in the morning.


Where you able to jump a sweet ramp the first time you climbed on your BMX? No?! Then why would you think that your first handful of solutions should always work when dealing with a problem? Getting discouraged by failure puts an immediate end to your progress. To stop this from happening you have to change the way you look at a failure. It’s not a bad thing, because failure actually gives you an advantage. You’re one attempt further than anyone who is still thinking about doing what you’re doing. You are more educated on the subject because of your failure. Which means your next attempt will always be BETTER than your last.


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I just finished this book last night – a must read for all those who call themselves creatives:

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I combined two pieces of recent data on Twitter and realized this:


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The people who participate in DesignChat will shape what it becomes. All subjects and questions are submitted by those who are present for the conversation. So be sure to submit them to @designchat. You can do this by sending a tweet to @designchat WITHOUT the hashtag #designchat. It’s done in this manner so we don’t side track the current topic.
During the conversation a question or topic is posed to the group as: Q1)The topic of discussion is this? #designchat
When you respond to it, start with Q1) so others can follow along in the discussion: Q1) I think this about that. #designchat
This format came from the inspiration for DesignChat: JournChat: a weekly twitter conversation for PR professionals and Journalists. Having its first conversation on Monday, November 24th, 2008, JournChat has already amassed more than 4400 followers. I witnessed the strength of this community for the first time in January of 2009 and started thinking about how I could re-purpose this format for design professionals. There are many great things that can come of it and I’m excited to see what the future brings. thread any one in south africa who is with opteck binary options