Designer Albin Holmqvist of Spain and Sweden and I have a chat. It’s 3am in Sweden and 8pm outside Chicago. Albin is a fabulous designer and typographer.

We talk about his work with the EF International Language Centers called Live the Language. He helped create a series of promotional videos that can be seen on his site,

On IKEA: IKEA is really an exceptional example, its the typical, You swear to god you will never buy anything from IKEA for your home, because its not so personal, but you end up buying everything there.

Albin is hilarious – you should watch this chat and participate in future chats.

Designer Albin Holmqvist has cause a bit of a stir on the internet, and he did it with typography. In a series of promotional short movies made for the EF (Education First) International Language Centers, Albin designed type that showcased local cultures and nomenclature. The resulting combination of words, music and moving images makes EVERYONE want to travel.
This is of course, the work that let me to Albin’s name and website. A quick glance through the rest of his work and I new that the DesignChat audience would love to meet him.


  1. B. Moore says:

    This episode isn’t available on itunes yet??

  2. Sorry B, I’ve been having issues with Mevio. It will be up as soon as is possible.